100 Libraries to Follow on Facebook

Previously, I did a post called 100 Libraries to Follow on Twitter. This is a follow-up…a list of active libraries that provide great content on Facebook. They are quick to respond to people’s comments and questions, and the public is utilizing their Facebook pages. If you are trying to learn about what leading libraries are doing, check out the following 100 Facebook pages. Enjoy!

  1. The Library of Congress http://www.facebook.com/libraryofcongress
  2. The New York Public Library http://www.facebook.com/newyorkpubliclibrary
  3. The British Library http://www.facebook.com/britishlibrary
  4. Columbus Metropolitan Library http://www.facebook.com/columbuslibrary
  5. Boston Public Library http://www.facebook.com/bostonpubliclibrary
  6. Brooklyn Public Library http://www.facebook.com/BrooklynPublicLibrary
  7. The Seattle Public Library http://www.facebook.com/SeattlePublicLibrary
  8. Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County http://www.facebook.com/CincinnatiLibrary
  9. Multnomah County Library http://www.facebook.com/multcolib
  10. Chicago Public Library http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chicago-Public-Library/35447572453
  11. Lawrence Public Library http://www.facebook.com/lawrencepubliclibrary
  12. Queens Library http://www.facebook.com/queenslibrarynyc
  13. Denver Public Library http://www.facebook.com/denverpubliclibrary
  14. Salt Lake City Public Library http://www.facebook.com/slcpl
  15. San Francisco Public Library http://www.facebook.com/sfpl.org
  16. Toronto Public Library http://www.facebook.com/torontopubliclibrary
  17. Free Library of Philadelphia http://www.facebook.com/freelibrary
  18. Cuyahoga County Public Library http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cuyahoga-County-Public-Library/61234117754
  19. Wake County Public Libraries http://www.facebook.com/wcplonline
  20. Los Angeles Public Library http://www.facebook.com/pages/Los-Angeles-Public-Library/8543076113
  21. King County Library System http://www.facebook.com/kingcountylibrarysystem
  22. Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library http://www.facebook.com/TopekaLibrary
  23. Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library http://www.facebook.com/ccjpl
  24. Greene County Public Library http://www.facebook.com/greenelibrary.info
  25. Jacksonville Public Library http://www.facebook.com/jaxpubliclibrary
  26. Calgary Public Library http://www.facebook.com/pages/Calgary-Public-Library/49297786525
  27. Salt Lake County Library Services http://www.facebook.com/saltlakecountylibrary
  28. University Of Warwick Library http://www.facebook.com/WarwickUniLibrary
  29. Stark County District Library http://www.facebook.com/starklibrary
  30. University of Glasgow Library http://www.facebook.com/uofglibrary
  31. Allen County Public Library http://www.facebook.com/AllenCountyLibrary
  32. Charlotte Mecklenburg Library http://www.facebook.com/cmlibrary
  33. Fayetteville Public Library http://www.facebook.com/FayettevillePublicLibrary
  34. Indianapolis Public Library http://www.facebook.com/indypl
  35. Sacramento Public Library http://www.facebook.com/saclibrary
  36. Hennepin County Library http://www.facebook.com/hclib
  37. National Library of Scotland http://www.facebook.com/NationalLibraryOfScotland
  38. McAllen Public Library http://www.facebook.com/mcallenlibrary
  39. Detroit Public Library http://www.facebook.com/detroitpubliclibrary
  40. Kenton County Public Library http://www.facebook.com/KentonCountyPublicLibrary
  41. Pima County Public Library http://www.facebook.com/pimacountylibrary
  42. Mid-Continent Public Library http://www.facebook.com/mymcpl
  43. Smithsonian Libraries http://www.facebook.com/SmithsonianLibraries
  44. Enoch Pratt Free Library http://www.facebook.com/theprattlibrary
  45. St. Louis County Library http://www.facebook.com/STLCoLibrary
  46. Green Library, Stanford University http://www.facebook.com/greenlibrary
  47. Faulkner County Library http://www.facebook.com/FCLHQ
  48. Boise Public Library http://www.facebook.com/boisepublib
  49. Buffalo & Erie County Public Library – Central Library http://www.facebook.com/buffalolibrary.central
  50. Birmingham Public Library http://www.facebook.com/BirminghamPublicLibrary
  51. Edmonton Public Library http://www.facebook.com/EPLdotCA
  52. Saint Paul Public Library http://www.facebook.com/stpaulpubliclibrary
  53. Canton Public Library http://www.facebook.com/CantonLibrary
  54. Orange County Library System (FL) http://www.facebook.com/oclslib
  55. The Kansas City Public Library http://www.facebook.com/kclibrary
  56. Iowa City Public Library http://www.facebook.com/icpubliclibrary
  57. Central Arkansas Library System http://www.facebook.com/cals.mainlibrary
  58. Yale University Library http://www.facebook.com/yalelibrary
  59. Milwaukee Public Library http://www.facebook.com/Milwaukee.Public.Library
  60. University of Melbourne Library http://www.facebook.com/unilibrary
  61. Cleveland Public Library http://www.facebook.com/clevelandpubliclibrary
  62. Baltimore County Public Library http://www.facebook.com/bcplonline
  63. Skokie Public Library http://www.facebook.com/skokielibrary
  64. Durham University Library http://www.facebook.com/dulib
  65. Princeton Public Library http://www.facebook.com/PPLNJ
  66. Kalamazoo Public Library http://www.facebook.com/KalamazooPublicLibrary
  67. Lexington Public Library http://www.facebook.com/lexingtonpubliclibrary
  68. DC Public Library http://www.facebook.com/dclibrary
  69. Vancouver Public Library http://www.facebook.com/vancouverpubliclibrary
  70. Hartford Public Library http://www.facebook.com/HartfordPublicLibrary
  71. Miami-Dade Public Library System http://www.facebook.com/miamidadepubliclibrary
  72. Musser Public Library http://www.facebook.com/MusserPublicLibrary
  73. Frisco Public Library http://www.facebook.com/friscolibrary
  74. Metropolitan Library System http://www.facebook.com/metrolibrary
  75. Omaha Public Library http://www.facebook.com/OmahaLibrary
  76. Fullerton Public Library http://www.facebook.com/FullertonPublicLibrary
  77. Austin Public Library http://www.facebook.com/pages/Austin-Public-Library/23296672318
  78. San Rafael Public Library http://www.facebook.com/srpublib
  79. Las Vegas-Clark County Library District http://www.facebook.com/LVCCLDLibrary
  80. Salem Public Library (Salem, OR) http://www.facebook.com/spl.oregon
  81. Howard County Library System http://www.facebook.com/HoCoLibrary
  82. Houston Public Library http://www.facebook.com/houstonlibrary
  83. Santa Clara City Library http://www.facebook.com/santaclaracitylibrary
  84. Nashville Public Library http://www.facebook.com/NashvillePublicLibrary
  85. Missoula Public Library http://www.facebook.com/missoulapubliclibrary
  86. Pasadena Public Library http://www.facebook.com/pasadenalibrary
  87. Laredo Public Library http://www.facebook.com/LAREDOPUBLICLIBRARY
  88. UCF Library http://www.facebook.com/ucflibrary
  89. Z. Smith Reynolds Library http://www.facebook.com/ZSRlibrary
  90. County of Los Angeles Public Library http://www.facebook.com/LACountyLibrary
  91. Christchurch City Libraries http://www.facebook.com/ChristchurchCityLibraries
  92. Pikes Peak Library District http://www.facebook.com/PikesPeakLibraryDistrict
  93. Cecil County Public Library http://www.facebook.com/cecilcountypubliclibrary
  94. Springfield City Library http://www.facebook.com/SpringfieldCityLibrary
  95. University at Buffalo Libraries http://www.facebook.com/ublibraries
  96. Novi Public Library http://www.facebook.com/novipubliclibrary
  97. Spokane County Library District http://www.facebook.com/SpokaneCountyLibraryDistrict
  98. UCLA Powell Library http://www.facebook.com/UCLA.Powell.Library
  99. Halifax Public Libraries http://www.facebook.com/hfxpublib
  100. Cypress Park Branch-Los Angeles Public Library http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cypress-Park-Branch-Los-Angeles-Public-Library/277042792349983

You can read about the things that these important libraries are doing at Library Science Daily. I publish it every morning. I tried to list libraries that were active on Facebook and had a lot of followers. Did I fail to mention your library’s Facebook page? Leave a comment!

63 Responses to 100 Libraries to Follow on Facebook

  1. I was googling libraries and facebook and came across this post. Fun surprise to recognize the face at the top. 🙂

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  3. We seem to be making some waves within our community. Check us out! Facebook.com/MyBCPL

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  6. What is your criteria for great content or the “best of” in this list? Number of “likes”? Design?

    Also, checkout:


    Not a library FB page but an active source of news and thought about libraries.

  7. We have a pretty fun and irreverent Facebook page over here in South Carolina at the Anderson County Library: https://www.facebook.com/andersonlibrarysc

  8. Hi Matt,
    I’m writing on behalf of Texas Tech University Libraries.
    We are one of the 2013 recipients of the JCD awards. We run an active Facebook page that highlights our cutting-edge academic services such as our GroupWorks area, 3D Animation Lab, and Lynda.
    Our Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Texas-Tech-University-Libraries/40593863913
    Thanks for all you do.

  9. Hi Matt,
    I’m writing on behalf of Texas Tech University Libraries.
    We are one of the 2013 recipients of the JCD awards. We run an active Facebook page that highlights our cutting-edge academic services such as our GroupWorks area, 3D Animation Lab, and Lynda.
    Our Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Texas-Tech-University-Libraries/40593863913
    Thanks for all you do!

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  11. Don’t forget the Norfolk Public Library in Virginia! https://www.facebook.com/NorfolkPublicLibrary

    We’ve put some serious time and effort into really providing an engaging experience while mastering Facebook’s EdgeRank formula. (If you don’t know what that is, you REALLY need to read up on it for your page to really have any success.)

  12. Finalist for 2010 Best Small Library in America
    Baker County Library District

  13. Sacramento Public Library is doing a great job on their Facebook page.

  14. mohamed mounir

    Thanks for the shout out. We are honored to be on your list!

  15. Have to give a plug for…
    Paris Carnegie Public Library

  16. Somers Library rocks!! Located in New York…

  17. I would like to recommend Somers Library (NY) as a great library to follow!

  18. Jennifer Chapman


    I love my library’s Facebook page.

  19. Valerie Cullison

    I have to mention a great library system, Weber County Public Library of Utah. It was started as the Ogden, Utah public library in 1864! We haven’t had a facebook page for very long, but we are growing. http://www.facebook.com/weberpl?ref=ts&fref=ts

  20. Toni Davenport (Hoelscher)

    Hey Matt! I worked with the Art Institute of Houston-North as well as The Art Institute of San Antonio. I recently got a job as the librarian for Universal City Public Library and was looking into marketing ideas when I came across this posting. I thought I recognized you. Even though we’re miles apart…it’s a small world! Thanks for this list. I’m working on getting more marketing out there for our library now. 🙂


  21. Proud to be on this list. Thank you!

  22. Thanks for including Wake County! We have made a real commitment to FB. We didn’t even have a FB page until 2/11. We have tried to create a mix of fun posts, posts that tug at the heart strings, and relevant information about the library. We have been inspired by the work of Ben Bizzle, David Lee King and others.


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  24. I have to shamelessly promote the Mahopac Public Library’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mahopaclibrary

  25. Thank you for including Columbus Metropolitan Library in your list of top Facebook pages. We really appreciate it. Thanks again.

  26. I recommend the Saskatoon Public Library Facebook at Facebook.com/saskatoonpubliclibrary

  27. Jacksonville (FL) Public Library #25 is local–congrats. It’s about activity.

  28. You’ve definitely mentioned some of my favorites (NYPL, Cuyahoga, Seattle, Wake Co., Kenton Co, Multnomah, etc), and now I have even more pages to investigate and potentially follow! Thanks for that 🙂

    Btw, I don’t think that Bullitt County Public Library’s page is too shabby either: https://www.facebook.com/bcplib.

  29. Hey Matt, thanks so much for the mention. We’re honored & thrilled! Keep up the great work! – LAPL

  30. The California State Library!

  31. Forsyth County Public Library in Geogia.


    A great mix of posts!

  32. Have you checked out any Australian library facebook pages? We will be checking out your recommendations and welcome new friends to our page: http://www.facebook.com/geelongregionallibraries

  33. Tuscarawas County Public Library System: http://www.facebook.com/tusclibrary

    We’re small but mighty!

  34. Tuscarawas County Public Library System:

    Small but mighty!

  35. Copper Queen Library (Bisbee, AZ)

  36. Hi, I am the admin for the Kenton County Public Library (#40 on the list). Thanks so much for the shout out. We are very excited to be part of the list!

  37. We at McAllen Public Library are thrilled to be included on this list. Thank you so much!

  38. Thanks for the shout out. We are honored to be on your list!

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  40. A list like this serves no function other than being a list like this

    Where is the analysis. What makes these good or effective.

  41. The Huntsville Madison County Public Library!
    For grownups: http://www.facebook.com/HMCPL
    For kids’ stuff: http://www.facebook.com/HPLKids

  42. Thanks so much for including Birmingham Public Library! I enjoy reading Library Science Daily and I always learn something. Great resource!

  43. 2012 Best Small Library in America
    Independence Public Library

    Take a peek, you might like what you see.

  44. Arlington Heights Memorial Library

  45. What do you suggest we do to improve our page?

    • I’m not usually a Facebook page critic (I’m more a Twitter guy), but I’ll give a few thoughts. Some other libraries put logos for their profile pictures…it might not be a bad idea for the profile image. Medium-sized libraries like Lawrence Public Library (http://www.facebook.com/lawrencepubliclibrary) are posting around 4+ a day like yours. But if you take a look, their posts are getting A LOT of likes. It’s not easy to come up with high-quality content to share, but they’ve managed to do it really well. If there were one library for you to try to emulate, it would be Lawrence Public Library. A good start on getting great content to share on your page would be to follow LPL and the 99 others on this list and “borrow” some of the items they are sharing. Libraries don’t mind lending to other libraries, right?

      Anyone else have any thoughts on ways to improve http://www.facebook.com/MidlandCountyPLTX ? It looks like a really cool page already…

      • Yeah, we had the logo on there once, but changed it for a snow pic. I’ve already liked all of the libraries. Sometimes we share or copy other ideas, but we prefer our own ideas. Thanks for your suggestions.

  46. What suggestions do you have for improvement?

  47. Thanks for including the Springfield (MA) City Library page on your list! Great company to be in.

  48. Thanks for the shout out! Our social media team is thrilled to be counted among the others listed.