37 Great Product Management Blogs

During my first rocky week as a product manager in 2011, a wise lady in St. Louis gave me a list of about 5 product management blogs. It really helped me, so I’ve continued to add to the list. Also, I’m a librarian, so you know this was inevitable. Below are some of the best, most active product management blogs. While I appreciate those who read my blog for product management topics, I recommend that you also read all of these below for a more experienced viewpoint. Note 1: they are in alphabetical order. Note 2: there are actually 40 blogs listed here, because I forgot three of my friends in the first release of this post.


Bat Crap Crazy Product Manager http://www.batcrapcrazypm.com

Blog – Product Powers http://www.productpowers.com

Blog | Roman Pichler http://www.romanpichler.com/blog

Blog | Smart Software Marketing http://smartsoftwaremarketing.co.uk/blog

Brian Lovin http://blog.brianlovin.com

Brian Piercy | The Mud Dauber Chronicles Product Management, Analytics, and Startups http://www.brianpiercy.com

Business Analysis | Product Management | Software Requirements | Tyner Blain http://tynerblain.com/blog

Cauvin “Smart product decisions” http://blog.cauvin.org

Doug Seven http://dougseven.com

Ellen’s Blog http://blog.ellenchisa.com

Ellie Cachette. Product Design. Sailing Stuff. – Blog http://www.elliecachette.com/blog.html

How To Be A Good Product Manager: Product management tips http://www.goodproductmanager.com

Hunter Walk | 99% Humble, 1% Brag http://hunterwalk.com

Journal on Product Design and Development http://productdesignjournal.blogspot.com

Juan Fernández — Medium https://medium.com/@juanferrub

Ken Norton — Medium https://medium.com/@kennethn

Kristin Runyan | Agile Coach and Trainer | Product Management Professional http://www.kristinrunyan.com

Lead on Purpose | Promoting Leadership Principles in Product Management http://leadonpurposeblog.com

Learn How to Build Great Products from Silicon Valley Veterans http://svpg.com

Martin Eriksson | Blog http://martineriksson.com/blog

Matty Cohen | Product management, WordPress and web development, punk rock and 80s/90s television http://matty.co.za

Nicholas Muldoon | Helping small products grow big. http://www.nicholasmuldoon.com

Nir and Far http://www.nirandfar.com

Product Beautiful: Building Product Management by Paul Young http://www.productbeautiful.com

Product Manager in Heels http://www.pminheels.com

Product Talk – Build great products. http://producttalk.org

Rich Mironov’s Product Bytes http://www.mironov.com

Startup Product | The movement for product excellence. http://startupproduct.com

Startups, entrepreneurship, running a business and marketing from Instigator Blog http://www.instigatorblog.com

Startups, Product, Personal Growth | Ryan Hoover http://ryanhoover.me

Street Smart Product Manager | The down-to-earth realities of what it takes to be a product ninja every day http://streetsmartproductmanager.com

Success Managers: Beyond Managing Products http://successmanagers.blogspot.com

Tech Product Management http://techproductmanagement.com

The Agile Product Report – Product Management and Marketing http://andystitt.com/agile-product-report

The Cranky Product Manager | A blog on product management, product marketing, and the ugly side of software product development http://crankypm.com

The PM Vision : B2B Product Storytelling: Agile Product Management and Marketing http://johnpeltier.com/blog

The Product Bistro http://prodbistro.com/blog

Under 10 by Steve Johnson | Strategic product management… for an agile world http://under10consulting.com

Users Know http://usersknow.blogspot.com

Wait, I Know This One | A Conversation About Product Management http://nilsdavis.com


Read the Product Guy Daily for their contributions to my product management world. I publish it every morning.

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11 Responses to 37 Great Product Management Blogs

  1. Great Post, Matt. Please add our blog, High Octane Product Management.http://www.proficientz.com/product-management-blog/

  2. What kinds of topics do you read about as a product manager? More PM focused material, or more about the industry your product is serving?

  3. Yo, can you update from Tralfaz to my new place: http://prodbistro.com?


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  5. Hi Matt – thank you for the list of helpful product management blogs. I would like to add two podcasts for product managers to the list. These are the only two podcasts/blogs with current episodes interviewing experts to help product managers, both started in 2015.

    The Everyday Innovator – http://theeverydayinnovator.com/interviews
    This is Product Management – http://info.alpha-ux.co/tipm

  6. I know very well hunterwalk and success managers. One of the best in my opinion.

  7. Thanks for sharing these product management tips.

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  10. Great suggestions! Thanks for including me, and for recommending the additional blogs!!