200 Librarians to Follow on Twitter

It’s nice to have a support network of smart librarians to talk to and learn from on Twitter. I’ve compiled a list of 200 librarians I recommend following on Twitter. Read Library Science Daily for their contributions to my library world. I publish it every morning.


  1. Shannon Miller @shannonmmiller Teacher Librarian. 2014 LJ Mover & Shaker.Consultant. Denver, Colorado vanmeterlibraryvoice.blogspot.com
  2. Phil Shapiro @philshapiro Washington DC http://www.his.com/~pshapiro/briefbio.html
  3. Crime Travelers @PaulAertker Action-adventure travel writer for children. Author of http://www.crimetravelers.com Former cubicle dweller, librarian & teacher. http://www.amazon.com/Brainwashed-Crime-Travelers-Paul-Aertker/dp/194013711X
  4. [removed]
  5. Jose Afonso Furtado @jafurtado Former art library director at Gulbenkian Foundation. Lisboa, Portugal http://linkedin.com/in/jatsf
  6. Joy Weese Moll @joyweesemoll Librarian Book Blogger Kirkwood, MO http://joyweesemoll.com
  7. Connie Crosby @conniecrosby Toronto, ON conniecrosby.blogspot.com
  8. Buffy J. Hamilton @buffyjhamilton Librarian and teacher; 2011 LJ Mover and Shaker. theunquietlibrarian.wordpress.com
  9. James Neal @james3neal MLS from @I_UMD – Librarian Greenbelt, MD – Columbia, SC http://james3neal.tumblr.com
  10. Joyce Valenza @joycevalenza Assistant Professor Rutgers University SC&I, teacher-librarian Abington, PA about.me/jvalenza
  11. https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5571/14745363688_e1561602d7_q.jpg The Daring Librarian @GwynethJones Teacher Librarian. DC Metro, HoCo, & Balto, hon! http://thedaringlibrarian.com
  12. David Lee King @davidleeking Topeka, KS http://davidleeking.com
  13. Stephen Abram @sabram Toronto, ON http://stephenslighthouse.com
  14. Anna M @helgagrace Public library reference librarian. Western MA fadedhat.blogspot.com
  15. Liz Burns @LizB Librarian. Earth http://lizburns.org
  16. Kelly Jensen @catagator Editor for @BookRiot. Reformed librarian. It Happens: A Guide to Contemporary YA Fiction (Book). Former Texan. http://stackedbooks.org
  17. INALJ (Naomi House) @needalibraryjob Library Journal Mover&Shaker 2013 US & International http://inalj.com
  18. Ian Clark @ijclark Radical librarian. Canterbury/London http://ijclark.com
  19. Cecily Walker @skeskali librarian Vancouver, BC http://cecily.info
  20. Tom Bruno @oodja Librarian @Yale. Milford, CT http://www.amazon.com/Tom-Bruno/e/B0075E4D6Q
  21. Siva Vaidhyanathan @sivavaid Author of The Googlization of Everything (2011), The Anarchist in the Library (2004), and Copyrights and Copywrongs (2001). Charlottesville, VA
  22. John Dupuis @dupuisj Science & Engineering Librarian, Steacie Science & Engineering Library, York University. Toronto, ON scienceblogs.com/confessions/
  23. Meg Gerritsen Knodl @DotMeg Minneapolis, MN
  24. Kate @librarian_kate Norwalk, CT/New York City http://katekosturski.info
  25. Brent Ferguson @webmaster_ref Librarian South Bend, IN http://myepl.org
  26. john fink @adr Hamilton, Ontario. http://jbfink.github.com
  27. Jenny Luca @jennyluca Director of ICT and eLearning. Australia http://jennyluca.com
  28. Library Girl @jenniferlagarde 2012 LJ Mover & Shaker. ALA/NYT I Love My Librarian Winner. http://librarygirl.net
  29. Sarah Houghton @TheLiB Librarian. San Rafael, CA http://LibrarianInBlack.net
  30. jessamyn west @jessamyn Rural librarian geek. vermont http://librarian.net
  31. Steven R. Harris @srharris19 Assistant Dean of Libraries, U. Nevada, Reno. Reno NV about.me/srharris19
  32. Ayla Stein @TheStacksCat Urbana, IL http://about.me/aylastein
  33. Ranti Junus @ranti Systems & E-resources Librarian. Lansing, MI, USA http://rantijunus.net
  34. Greg Lambert @glambert Law Librarian (BigLaw) Houston, TX http://geeklawblog.com
  35. pcsweeney @pcsweeney USCG Captain of the Story Sailboat http://www.thestorysailboat.com San Jose, CA http://pcsweeney.com
  36. Rita Meade @ScrewyDecimal Librarian. @BookRiot contributing editor/Dear Book Nerd host. Picture book author (S&S Kids, 2016!) Brooklyn, NY http://screwydecimal.com
  37. Phil Bradley @Philbradley A librarian & internet consultant. I teach effective internet search techniques, & use of Web 2.0 technologies. London UK http://philb.com
  38. Kathy Kaldenberg @scsdmedia Peripatetic Librarian. Iowa http://rebelmouse.com/scsdmedia/
  39. Anne Haines @annehaines web content specialist at an academic library annehaines.wordpress.com
  40. Ned Potter @ned_potter York http://ned-potter.com
  41. Marla Waltman @marlawd Toronto, Canada marlatravels.blogspot.com
  42. Robert Smith @rosmith11 Subject Specialist for Science & Engineering Carleton University Library Ottawa Canada. https://www.library.carleton.ca/contact/staff-directory/robert-smith
  43. Judy O’Connell @heyjudeonline Sydney, Australia http://judyoconnell.com
  44. Travis Jonker @100scopenotes Elementary school librarian. Michigan http://100scopenotes.com
  45. Marshall Breeding @mbreeding editor of Library Technology Guides, columnist for Computers in Libraries, Editor of Smart Libraries Newsletter Nashville, TN http://librarytechnology.org
  46. val forrestal @vforrestal web services librarian, cuny NJ/NY http://vforrestal.com
  47. Kimberly Rues @KimberlyRues Kansas City, MO about.me/kimberlyrues
  48. Bobbi Newman @bobbinewman Librarian. PhD student Media Studies CU Boulder. MA PoliSci, MA LibSci. Colorado, USA http://bobbinewman.net
  49. [removed]
  50. Katy Wrathall @katy_wrathall Librarian UK somewhere smilylibrarian.wordpress.com
  51. C Foote @technolibrary Educ /librarian, 1:1 iPad campus http://futura.edublogs.org
  52. Eric Rumsey @EricRumsey Iowa City http://blog.lib.uiowa.edu/needtoknow/2013/09/04/plant-based-foods-a-tricky-pubmed-search/
  53. Jacob Berg @jacobsberg Library Director. beerbrarian.blogspot.com
  54. Annie @catladylib I’m a librarian. 2014 ALA Emerging Leader. Chicago catladylibrarian.wordpress.com
  55. m3mo @m3mo Anarcho-librarian Boise, ID
  56. Librarianry @LibrarianRy Librarian that is looking to be educated by the masses. Madison, WI
  57. Michael Stephens @mstephens7 LIS educator Traverse City, MI http://tametheweb.com
  58. Declan Fleming @declan IT Director, library techie San Diego, California http://declan.net
  59. Chris Bourg @mchris4duke AUL for Public Services, Stanford University Libraries. Stanford, CA chrisbourg.wordpress.com
  60. Justin Hoenke @JustinLibrarian I am a librarian. I believe that our #1 job is to do awesome things for our communities. Chattanooga, TN http://justinthelibrarian.com
  61. Andy @wawoodworth Librarian extraordinaire. New Jersey, USA http://agnosticmaybe.wordpress.com
  62. J Way @judithway Australian high school teacher librarian. Melbourne http://jway.global2.vic.edu.au
  63. Ellyssa Kroski @ellyssa NYC http://ellyssakroski.com
  64. Robin Ashford @rashford Associate Librarian, Assistant Professor — Emerging Technologies Portland, Oregon, USA http://about.me/robinashford
  65. Mylee Joseph @myleejoseph urban librarian Sydney, Australia
  66. Cyndi @cyndie23 Children’s Librarian. Southern California
  67. pollyalida @pollyalida Librarian. NY about.me/pollyalida
  68. K.G. Schneider @kgs University librarian. Bay Area, California http://freerangelibrarian.com
  69. Nikki D Robertson @NikkiDRobertson EdCampATL CoFounder, School lib turned Inst. Tech Facilitator Huntsville, AL http://e.nikkidrobertson.com
  70. Pat Wagner @pat2pattern Denver http://sieralearn.com
  71. PrincessOfTheWorld @princessofworld Princess of the World and in my spare time I am also a librarian Henrico, VA notablereading.blogspot.com
  72. Daniel Messer @bibrarian Phoenix and Queen Creek, AZ http://cyberpunklibrarian.com
  73. Heather McCormack @HuisceBeatha Collection Development Manager of 3M Cloud Library. Country of Ungentrified Bklyn http://cloudunbound.tumblr.com
  74. Jason Griffey @griffey I write and talk about libraries. Sewanee, TN http://jasongriffey.net
  75. Bethany Nowviskie @nowviskie Director, Digital Research & Scholarship, UVa Library; CLIR Distinguished Presidential Fellow; Past Prez, Association for Computers & the Humanities Scholars’ Lab, U of Virginia http://nowviskie.org
  76. Jo Alcock @joeyanne Researcher, librarian. West Midlands, UK http://joeyanne.co.uk
  77. Carol Tilley @AnUncivilPhD Somewhere in the Midwest http://caroltilley.net
  78. Lisa Bunker @mutabilis I’m a Social Media Librarian. Tucson, AZ tucsontalks.blogspot.com
  79. greg hardin @ghardin academic librarian. dallas, tx about.me/ghardin
  80. gretchen caserotti @gcaserotti Balancing libraries, art, children and technology. 1st time Library Director in the land of Famous Potatoes. meridian, id
  81. Margot Note @margotnote Archivist and librarian. Author of Managing Image Collections: A Practical Guide (2011) and Project Management for Information Professionals (2015). New York City http://linkedin.com/in/margotnote/
  82. Julia @sparkymonster
  83. Professor Krampus @nnschiller librarian, professor PNW – Portland (ish) http://informationgames.info
  84. Jenny Levine @shifted Shifting libraries and the American Library Association (MPOW) Chicago, IL, USA http://theshiftedlibrarian.com
  85. Lauren Smith @walkyouhome LIS PhDer (young people’s relationships with political information, political agency and participation, critical infolit). Public library advocate. The Shire about.me/walkyouhome
  86. Shirley Burnham @ShirleyBurnham Swindon, England
  87. Kristen H. @bookgoil I’m an elementary school librarian in the suburbs of Chicago as well as a book blogger and lifetime reader. I read mainly YA & MG books and love graphic novels. IL, USA http://thebookmonsters.com
  88. Andromeda Yelton @ThatAndromeda LITA, Ada Initiative. Empowering librarians via code. Somerville, MA http://andromedayelton.com
  89. Steven M. Cohen @LibraryStuff Law Librarian. NY http://librarystuff.net
  90. Emily Clasper @eclasper Long Island, NY http://eclasper.com
  91. kate @itsjustkate
  92. Peter Brantley @naypinya Director Digital Library Applications, New York Public Library. New York http://nypl.org
  93. Stacy Dillon @mytweendom School Librarian. NYC tweendom.blogspot.com
  94. Heather Moorefield @actinginthelib Assistant Professor for The School of Library and Information Science at The University of SC. Chair of AASL Best Websites Committee. South Carolina http://techfifteen.com
  95. Colleen Greene @colleengreene Librarian, web developer, content strategist, educator @pollaklibrary. Genealogist, historian, foodie, hiker, quilter. Orange County, CA about.me/colleengreene
  96. Jody Wurl @Jodyth Public librarian with a focus on website ux, teens, filmmaking, and geek culture. Twin Cities http://linkedin.com/in/jodywurl
  97. Cathy Potter @cppotter K-5 Librarian, NBCT, book blogger & reviewer, chair of CYBILS Book Apps & Chickadee Award committee, co-host of #MELit
    feslibrarylens.blogspot.com/ Maine http://nonfictiondetectives.com
  98. Mx A. Matienzo @anarchivist Brooklyn, NY http://matienzo.org
  99. Jim Bennett @JSSBennett CLA Chair of Member Communications Standing Committee I Trustee Ottawa Public Library Board | President (2010-12) of Federation of Ontario Public Libraries Ottawa, Ontario, Canada https://www.facebook.com/jim.bennett.102361
  100. Toby Greenwalt @theanalogdivide Director of Digital Strategy at @CLP_Tweets. Pittsburgh, PA http://theanalogdivide.com
  101. Laura Solomon @laurasolomon Web developer, librarian Cleveland, Ohio http://meanlaura.com
  102. Ray Maxwell @hsifnihplod New business librarian at Hunter Library, Western Carolina U. Recovering foreign service officer, former naval officer. raymmaxx.wordpress.com/
  103. Donna R @kebabette Christchurch, New Zealand episodictable.wordpress.com
  104. Lauren Gilbert @UffishL Librarian. Fiction reviewer for @LibraryJournal & @KirkusReviews. Long Island
  105. Andy Burkhardt @vonburkhardt Assistant Director for Digital Strategy @champlib. Burlington, VT http://andyburkhardt.com
  106. Sujei =) @sujeilugo librarian/doctoral candidate/film Boston, MA (via Puerto Rico) http://letterboxd.com/sujeilugo/
  107. Lalitha @librarian_lali Member of YALSA’s 2016 Printz Award Committee. Youth services & community college librarian. San Diego! masalareader.wordpress.com
  108. Linda Lindsay @mauilibrarian2 teacher-librarian Upcountry Maui http://mauilibrarian2.com
  109. Chris Burris @burriscj Winston-Salem, NC http://facebook.com/burriscj
  110. Missy @geceosan I am a librarian. North Carolina
  111. Linda W Braun @lbraun2000 Yth & Family Learning Manager Seattle Pub Lib, Ed Tech Consultant, educator, teen advocate, librarian, YALSA Past Pres http://leonline.com
  112. Jessica Olin @olinj Delaware letterstoayounglibrarian.blogspot.com
  113. kris @librarykris
  114. Ingrid @MagpieLibrarian Rainbow Book List Member! GLBT RT Director-at-Large! This is what a librarian looks like, kids. Brokelyn magpielibrarian.wordpress.com
  115. lorcan dempsey @lorcanD Working for libraries. Has worked for @dubcilib, @uniofbath, @jisc, @KingsCollegeLon, @oclc, … Columbus, OH http://orweblog.oclc.org
  116. Emily Lloyd @PoesyGalore Creator of 6 Words Minneapolis, Cards Against Librarianship, and Shelf Check. Minneapolis about.me/elloyd74
  117. Aaron Mueller @aaronmueller Teacher-Librarian: Parkland Secondary SD63 Saanich, BC. Instructor:UBC T-L Diploma program Saanich, BC, Canada aaronmueller.com
  118. Emily J. Hurst @hurstej Medical Librarian. Houston, TX emilyjhurst.net
  119. ostephens @ostephens Librarian – what else is there to say? Leamington Spa http://meanboyfriend.com/overdue_ideas
  120. Nancy Sims @CopyrightLibn Copyright Librarian at the U of MN. JD/MLS. Info & personal opinions on copyright, culture, etc. http://blog.lib.umn.edu/copyrightlibn/ Minneapolis, MN https://www.lib.umn.edu/about/staff/nancy-sims
  121. Kristi Chadwick @booksNyarn Library Advisor. 2014 LJ Mover & Shaker. 2013 LJ Reviewer of the Year. Western MA booksyarnink.com
  122. Tiffany Whitehead @librarian_tiff Teacher Librarian, LJ Mover & Shaker, ISTE Emerging Leader Baton Rouge, LA mightylittlelibrarian.com
  123. Steve Thomas @stevelibrarian Public librarian. Host of Circulating Ideas, the librarian interview podcast. Gwinnett County, GA http://circulatingideas.com
  124. Frank Huysmans @fhuysmans Den Haag, Netherlands warekennis.nl
  125. Allison Tran @alli_librarian Youth services librarian. Blog manager for YALSA’s The Hub. Southern California readingeverywhere.com
  126. Lauren Bradley @BibliosaurusRex Judaica Systems Librarian. New York City laurenbradleymlis.wordpress.com
  127. Alan Wylie @wylie_alan A Public Library Worker, Library/Anti-Privatisation Campaigner (VFTL, TLC & SUFL) London dontprivatiselibraries.blogspot.com
  128. Sarah Gallagher @SarahLibrarina Librarian in Dunedin @Otago. Dunedin, New Zealand sarahlibrarina.tumblr.com
  129. Shelley (Diaz) Vale @sdiaz101 SLJ Book Reviews, Senior Editor. Future Librarian. Glendale, NY sdiaz101.tumblr.com
  130. Amy Watts @amywatts Athens, GA
  131. Joe Kraus @OAJoe Academic librarian. Littleton, CO libraryjoe.wordpress.com
  132. Angie Manfredi @misskubelik New Mexico fatgirlreading.com
  133. Joe Hardenbrook @mrlibrarydude Librarian @ #CarrollU Brookfield, Wisconsin, USA mrlibrarydude.wordpress.com
  134. Courtney Young @librarycourtney 2014-2015 ALA President, academic librarian (info lit, advising, tech, diversity) Pittsburgh courtneyyoung.org
  135. Jeremy Willette @libraryjet Teacher Librarian for over 700 great kids! From Maine, now living internationally. ECIS Library Committee. NBCT.
  136. Bethany @bookrarian Tweets of Bethany Morse; Librarian Louisville, KY about.me/bethany_morse
  137. Basso Continuo @bckaemper Lib(e)r(t)arian at Stuttgart University Library Stuttgart, Germany
  138. Micah Vandegrift @micahvandegrift Scholarly Communications Librarian at FSU. Tallahassee, FL micahvandegrift.com
  139. Josh Hanagarne @joshhanagarne Author of The World’s Strongest Librarian. Salt Lake City worldsstrongestlibrarian.com
  140. Robert H. McDonald @mcdonald Bloomington, IN rmcdonald.info
  141. Sian @siandart Sian was once locked in the school library for hours. She was probably bitten by a radioactive librarian, but the infection lay dormant… Melbourne goo.gl/UGAar
  142. Kirstin Dougan @kmdougan Music & performing arts librarian. Professional tweets at @mpalillinois. Urbana, IL about.me/kirstindougan
  143. Daniel Ransom @ThePinakes 2014 ALA Emerging Leader. San Francisco thepinakes.com
  144. Erin @LibrarianE13 Teen librarian, public library TN
  145. Jules Shore @7shores Systems Librarian Maryland suburbs of DC viewthunder.blogspot.com
  146. Graeme Oke @GraemeO28 University Science Librarian. Melbourne, Australia about.me/GraemeO28
  147. Céline Carty @cjclib Librarian. thingblogging.wordpress.com
  148. Sara Gillis @hfxlibrarian I’m a librarian in Halifax, but you probably guessed that already. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada http://soundfxnow.com/soundfx/Sad-Trombone.mp3
  149. Trevor A. Dawes @tadawes Experienced Librarian and Educator; Associate University Librarian, Washington University @WUSTLLibraries; Past President, @ALA_ACRL St. Louis, MO trevordawes.com
  150. Viva @VivaLibrarian Your favorite erotica librarian hanging out in collection development. Adjunct professor on the side. CO
  151. Trevor Owens @tjowens Digital Archivist/Historian at LC Hyattsville, MD trevorowens.org

  152. @parody_bit Developer, librarian, wireless engineer, feminist, maker, bird nerd. VA sheldon-hess.org/coral
  153. Rob @Svelteassassin Graduate of U of South Carolina and Pitt SIS. Orange County, CA
  154. Roy Kenagy @RoyKenagy Des Moines whatwouldranganathando.org
  155. Krista Godfrey @weelibrarian
  156. Laura Leavitt @leavitt9 Business librarian in an academic setting.
  157. Abigail Willemse @ajwillemse91 Electronic Resources Librarian. http://about.me/awillemse Hamilton, New Zealand octopuslibrarian.wordpress.com
  158. jaime hammond @trudysmoke Community college library director. Waterbury, Connecticut. libraryspaces.tumblr.com
  159. Jill Hurst-Wahl @jill_hw Director of the Library and Info. Science & School Media Programs in Syracuse University’s iSchool. Syracuse, NY ischool.syr.edu
  160. Sophie Brookover @sophiebiblio
  161. Mick Fortune @mickfortune Independent consultant. Library automation, procurement, standards. St Vaury & Oxford mickfortune.com/Wordpress
  162. Sarah Barker @sarahgb college librarian, literacy champion & cat whisperer. North Wales, UK flavors.me/sarahgb
  163. char booth @charbooth librarian encinitas/claremont infomational.com
  164. Tiffini Travis @mojo_girl librarian tiffinianne.wordpress.com
  165. Andy Plemmons @plemmonsa School librarian http://about.me/andy.plemmons Athens, GA barrowmediacenter.com
  166. Aeon Morays @Sara_Mooney Bryn Mawr, PA saramooney.com
  167. DrWeb @DrWeb2 Librarian known as DrWeb San Diego, CA drwebworld.blogspot.com
  168. Meredith Farkas @librarianmer Librarian, writer, teacher, and mom jumping off the tenure track for the sweet community college life. Portland, OR meredith.wolfwater.com/wordpress/
  169. Rachel P @archelina Lewes, UK playforth.wordpress.com
  170. Carli Spina @CarliSpina Emerging technologies librarian. I blog on tech @ http://carlispina.wordpress.com. Massachusetts carlispina.wordpress.com
  171. Lisa Hinchliffe @lisalibrarian Coordinator for Information Literacy Services and Instruction/Professor + PhD Student in Global Studies in Ed @ University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  172. Leah White @leahlibrarian Librarian. Chicago leahlwhite.com
  173. 40 Forever @booksnbdays I am a singing librarian. South Florida roxxyandjake.blogspot.com
  174. Cate Levinson @storytiming the librarian is a growing organism. chicago storytiming.com
  175. Andy Priestner @PriestLib Trainer/consultant on communication, social media, ethnography, and LEGO Serious Play. Also Information & Library Manager at Cambridge Judge Business School. Cambridge andypriestnertraining.com
  176. Nate Hill @natenatenate Deputy Director, Chattanooga Public Library. Chattanooga, TN natehill.net
  177. Henry Mensch @henare Henry Mensch is a @ischoolsu student (graduating may 2015!). librarian, technologist. http://hcm.im/resume San Francisco CA USA henare.org
  178. Matthew Hamilton @brewinlibrarian Denver, CO
  179. Abby Johnson @abbylibrarian Children’s Manager at the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library in Southern Indiana. New Albany, IN abbythelibrarian.com
  180. Jonathan Broad @jmbroad Madison, Mostly
  181. Simon Barron @SimonXIX
  182. loidagarciafebo @loidagarciafebo International Librarian. President @InfoNewWave NYC loidagarciafebo.wordpress.com
  183. Abby Barker @abbybarker Felixstowe
  184. Erin Dorney @edorney Writer, VIDA intern, Co-founder of The Triangle http://thetrianglepa.com, Editor at @libraryleadpipe Lancaster, PA erindorney.com
  185. Kevin Sanders @moananddrone
    http://reflexivemirrors.wordpress.com/ Bath hairdryerexcommunication.wordpress.com
  186. Jennifer Hrusch @typealibrarian Public Library Manager. Columbus, OH typealibrarian.blogspot.com
  187. Dianne McKenzie @dimac4 MYP Teacher Librarian in HK by trade. Hong Kong librarygrits.blogspot.com
  188. Erin M @tad_overdue Indiana tadoverdue.com
  189. Sally Gore @mandosally Research evaluation analyst, librarian, exercise physiologist, ex-clergy, mandolin picker, dreamer of the ultimate scooter-driven espresso cart / bookmobile. Worcester, MA librarianhats.wordpress.com
  190. Aaron Tay @aarontay I’m a Librarian from the National University of Singapore. Singapore musingsaboutlibrarianship.blogspot.com
  191. Alesia McManus @cclibchica Community college librarian. MD
  192. Stella Wisdom @miss_wisdom Curator, Digital Research @britishlibrary Co-founded Off the Map videogame design competition http://gamecity.org/alices-adventures-off-the-map/ N15, London, UK http://britishlibrary.typepad.co.uk/digital-scholarship/
  193. Matthew R Dyer @mtthwdyr Columbus, Ohio vizualize.me/mtthwdyr
  194. Michael Sauers Michael Sauers @msauers Technology Innovation Librarian, Nebraska Library Commission Lincoln, NE travelinlibrarian.info
  195. Elisabeth M Nylander @nylaelis Texas gal living out her happily ever after in Sweden. MLIS thesis on digital library tools in charter schools. Librarian at aleholm.savsjo.se. Jönköping about.me/ElisabethMuellerNylander
  196. Craig Anderson @libraryguy Purple-haired Librarian @ Kean University Library Union, NJ librarianinreallife.wordpress.com
  197. Ruth Kitchin Tillman @ruthbrarian Metadata Librarian at NASA Goddard (Cadence Group). Gamer. EAD nerd. Creator: http://EADiva.com. DC ruthtillman.com
  198. Matthew Ciszek @mciszek Librarian-scholar. Hermitage, PA about.me/mciszek
  199. lauren pressley @laurenpressley Director of Learning Environments for Virginia Tech University Libraries. blacksburg, va laurenpressley.com
  200. David Parkes @daveparkes University Librarian& ICT Assoc Director, National Teaching Fellow, Staffordshire dukedomlargeenough.blogspot.com


Did I miss someone? Leave a comment!

50 Responses to 200 Librarians to Follow on Twitter

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  2. Patricia Uttaro

    @Patriciau36 – Patricia Uttaro, Rochester Public Library & Monroe County (NY) Library System

  3. My Twitter handle is @Juniper40

  4. I’m a public YA librarian from Ohio and would like to be added to the lust. Also @ScrewyDecimal is a wonderful librarian to follow.

  5. #4 was removed from this list as result of TeamHarpy’s lying about him. That was an international debacle. It was a total fake. Two of the three members of TeamHarpy admitted they faked it all. He should now be restored to this list.

    Listed librarian #29 is the the only member of Team Harpy never to apologize and never to admit it was all a hoax. That would ruin her credibility as she is ALA OIF’s chief library filtering expert. She lies about filtering supposedly not working as much as she lied about #4. She should be removed from this list as one removes a disbarred attorney from the roles. #4 should be restored.

    I was removed despite being a volunteer librarian as a result of my crossing those pushing the false TeamHarpy narrative. Well that’s been an admitted lie so if #4 is added, perhaps I should as well. Please don’t restore #29 until she apologizes like the other TeamHarpy members.

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  7. Hey, I follow a few on there especially Ingrid @magpieLibrarian . Love Chatting to her about allsorts 🙂 I am a librarian and book blogger – @beau_angelnz . I run the book review site The Phantom Paragrapher.

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  10. @OrkneyLibrary
    It is delicious and witty

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  12. First, thanks for including several Syracuse University related people! – Erin Dorney, Henry Mensch, Sally Gore and me.

    Second, I also think that @LibrarySherpa should be included. She tweets as herself and for SLA. She is the force behind @sla2014tips and @sla2015tips. In fact, she’s been tweeting for SLA since the last time the annual conference was in Philly.

  13. Thanks for including me on the list! Find Twitter to be one of the most inspirational forums for LIS despite the tragic, inappropriate behavior discussed above.

    My suggestions include:

  14. You asked for a comment if one was left out. Sometimes I wish I could be, but we still need mentors.

    I don’t use twitter …never understood it…although I have an account – not sure what it is.
    I don’t use Facebook much except for personal stuff.
    I respond, mentor, and comment on lists and LinkedIn.

    My claim to fame is establishing special libraries; corporate, academic, prison, personal, church, et al…doing organizational development and training in research (including job procurement and search.)

  15. Graeme Oke (@GraemeO28)

    Thanks for inclusion on the list. Great to see some from Australia and elsewhere. A few potential additions @katejf @kimtairi @DaveHoneybone

  16. I’m in two places at once: @AJWrightMLS and @AJWright31 so I really must be nowhere at all…apologies to Firesign Theatre.

  17. Thanks for the inclusion and the updates. Quick question: Why don’t some of us have our avatars included with our listing?

  18. Thanks for putting me on the list, Matt. And thanks also for taking into account the concerns others have expressed (and I shared).

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  20. Thanks for including me on the list. I share the same reservations as Ingrid, for what it’s worth.

  21. Just so people know… Dan doesn’t actually believe in any of his rhetoric. He is only doing this to make a name for himself and this whole thing is nothing more than a sad and desperate attempt to find his 15 minutes of fame. I asked him three years ago to join ALA. If he did, I told him that, as an ALA Councilor, I would personally sponsor any of his anti-child porn resolutions. If he wanted to, I said I would even help him run for a seat on Council. Of course, I can’t sponsor non-ALA member resolutions nor help non-ALA members with their ALA agenda. He had a huge list of excuses as to why he couldn’t possible do that. As far as anyone can tell his only interest is commenting on blogs and twitter, thus his troll status. He had his chance to make good and he flat out refused. Game over Dan, find a new hobby, you’re terrible at this one.

    • @PC Sweeney, I am a card carrying member of the FTRF (Freedom to Read Foundation), for those in the know that’s part of ALA but it is not the same as ALA. I would not use my “15 minutes of fame” to make “anti-child porn resolutions” and you are intentionally mocking/ridiculing me by saying so. The point of what I do is ALA OIF has pro child porn policies and intentionally misleads communities to get them in place and keep them there. I’ll tell you this. Eventually I’ll prevail in stopping ALA OIF from being perceived as credible after its pro child porn policies have been exposed and rooted out. As a result there will be a great reduction is sexual crimes in libraries, sexual harassment of librarians, and a tremendous reduction in the crimes against trafficked victims being displayed in public libraries as if the only rights that matter to librarians is the right to view someone else being violated viciously. Until then, people like you work hard to keep me from having a platform to prove this to people, just as my removal as #49 from this top 200 list illustrates and you applaud. Keep applauding. First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they attack you, then you win. Ghandi. And in this case, it won’t be just me that wins, it’ll be librarians, the entire communities they serve, and the victims of sex crimes and misogyny displayed in American public library computer screens everyday as a direct result of ALA OIF policy.

      • Well Daniel, for someone who complains so much about ALA you really have no idea how it works. You coulda just joined ALA, wrote some resolutions to do exactly what you are talking about, and then moved on with your life. The fact that you have no interest in actually changing anything, once again, proves my point. Because after all, if ALA changes, what would you do with your life? So no, I don’t think you want ALA to actually change at all. You flat out refused to do the work to make that change. By my count, that’s three times you’ve refused. Sorry buddyboy, but three strikes and you’re out in my book.

        Once again Danny, your removal from the list is probably because you are not a librarian, nor a volunteer librarian because you have no MLIS. If you volunteer, you are a library volunteer. I know it’s confusing but that’s just how nouns and adjectives work. You were also probably removed from the list because you don’t actually do anything. I don’t think you volunteer at any library. I know too many NJ Librarians, I’ve spoken at NJLA, and none of them have you on their roster as a volunteer. Which library do you volunteer at BTW?

        See Daniel, the problem is that people would probably agree with you but you do nothing but lie, alienate people, and call people names with your constant trolling. You’ve done nothing but make enemies out of people who would probably have been allies. For example, I even offered to help you. But absolutely no way now. You’ve refused to do the work to make the change three times now. Besides, you’ve just been too terrible to too many of my friends and colleagues and done nothing to bring about any kind of positivity or positive change around you. Nobody wants to help you because you are generally a mean human being.

      • You’re no Ghandi.

  22. Thank you for the inclusion! I’m honored to be 11….
    it’s 1 more than 10~
    It’s LOUDER!
    @GwynethJones – The Daring Librarian

  23. Thank you for including me on this list! It’s hard to be comprehensive and get all the good librarians out there. May I suggest building this list into a Twitter list with other folk’s suggestions?

    I’m also happy to see you removed Joe Murphy and Dan Kleinman from this list.

  24. @nfntrobin – Robin Brenner. Can’t believe she wasn’t mentioned.

    And I can’t believe you did mention that Safe Libraries guy. Glad to see he was removed. He’s not a librarian and has shown nothing but ignorance and contempt for the librarian’s craft.

  25. Thank you for your updated list.

  26. A nice list — Thanks for the include!

  27. By the way, I am a volunteer librarian.

    • How do you define a “volunteer librarian?” Last I checked volunteering in a library doesn’t make you a librarian any more than volunteering in a hospital makes you a doctor.

  28. Thank you for listing me!

    A few librarians do not like my being on this list with one (#114) saying I “spend[ my] time harassing librarians” then telling other librarians to “us[e] a Do Not Link until #4 + Safe Libraries are taken off….” Such librarians just do not value truly free speech and don’t mind censorship when they feel offended. So bravo to you for putting me on this list and supporting free speech.

    The “harassment” to which she refers is my reporting on someone else reporting on a library’s public relations director making homophobic remarks. The fact of the repeated homophobia, including at an ALA training, apparently plays second fiddle to falsely claiming I spend my time harassing librarians. I suppose reporting on homophobia in/by a library is harassment if you support that library’s making child p0rn available then admittedly covering up after the crime as a result of ALA policy and now training. Beside, as learned in the ALA training thanks to the PR director, why would a women let her small children around a gay man? In the world of #114 and the like, my reporting that is “harassment.” I’ll continue reporting on homophobia in the library community as situations arise.

    For people’s information, and as an example of my reporting on things others are afraid to touch and why I would be interesting to follow on Twitter/Facebook, read the very blog post I wrote that the library’s public relations director is suing me for defamation for. WARNING: THIS MAY BE CENSORED MATERIAL IN THE FUTURE so read it while you can: “Gay Hate @ Your Library.”

    • No, the harassment is your continued refusal to drop the #teamharpy hashtag when both defendants in the suit have asked you to do so. Frankly, I think your whole campaign is preposterous, although ALA isn’t perfect I haven’t witnessed them promoting dissemination of pornography or homophobia, but your continued use of the hashtag as a way to try to make people find and care about you or indicate that you’re aligned with that case was a) disingenuous to begin with, b) has become outright offensive after the group in question asked you to stop posting in it.

      They can’t _make_ you obviously, since Twitter is a free platform, but not respecting women who ask you to stop forcing your way into the conversation about their case means you’re a person that nobody should be following on Twitter.

      • There is a reason many of us have blocked him on Twitter and other social media. Yet, he cries “CENSORSHIP” and “FREE SPEECH”, consistently playing himself as a martyr and refusing to understand the basic ideas of censorship and free speech.

        The idea that he’s framing himself as an LBGTQ ally right now is preposterous and disturbing.

      • @Ruth, you are confusing things. The “harassment” false claims come from both 1) the homophobia reporting for which I have been sued for defamation like TeamHarpy and 2) the #TeamHarpy tag, not just the latter.

        Twitter is an open forum for free speech. I tweeted on TeamHarpy for a while until one person didn’t like my doing so, then it became a free for all. I initially supported TeamHarpy, until I learned it really did not oppose sexual harassment, only librarian #4. Had it truly opposed sexual harassment, it would have been perfectly acceptable for me to say I have been writing about sexual harassment for about four years. Had someone else tweeted his/her support for stopping librarian sexual harassment, she/he would not have been assailed as I have.

        It is simply me personally people oppose. Why? I point out the sexual harassment of librarians is often a direct result of ALA OIF pro child pr0n policy, for example, OIF recently said librarian sexual harassment hardly ever happens and if it does, the lawsuits are always losers. I think that’s important for TeamHarpy to know that about OIF. It’s my being critical of ALA OIF that brings out the people using ridicule to try to silence me. And now using a defamation suit to silence me. With all the efforts to silence me, you have to wonder what I could possible say that is so wrong. Could it be that existing laws allow libraries nationwide to legally block all Internet porn, and FCC said library filters work really well despite OIF still saying they don’t?

        Now Matt who listed me (#49) and #4 obviously hit the nail on the head; #4 + #49 have produced the most comments here as other librarians try to silence us or get others to pay us no heed. We really are librarians to follow if we are saying things many others don’t want people to here.

        By the way, do you give one iota about the homophobia I’m reporting that ALA is using to train librarians and library trustees? Apparently not. That’s your problem, not mine.

        And use of #TeamHarpy to “try to make people find and care about you”? Really? It has such low traffic. If you said #libchat you maybe might have a point. Either way, so much for free speech, right?

        “not respecting women who ask you to stop forcing your way into the conversation” – funny! These are librarians who oppose censorship, self censorship, and support free speech. They asked me to self censor. Hey Ruth, I want you to self censor and stop making false claims about me. They are having a public conversation on Twitter with a hashtag. I join in to support them. Some do not like how I oppose ALA pro child p0rn policy to they tell me to self censor. That’s their hypocrisy, not mine.

        And now I see both #4 and #49 have been removed from the list. The censorship pressure was too great for Matt to withstand. Not a problem normally, but this is the librarian profession, and censoring us out goes directly against all that librarianship represents. Sadly, some librarians are gloating.

        Matt, I urge you to restore us.


  29. I think you’re lacking in the Tech Services area. I’ll suggest the Magical Metadata Fairies list from Becky Yoose (@yo_bj): https://twitter.com/yo_bj/lists/magical-metadata-fairies-8. You can also find us on Facebook as Troublesome Catalogers and Magical Metadata Faries: https://www.facebook.com/groups/161813927168408/.


    • I’m going to second Keri’s statement about the minimal number of tech services and metadata related folks on this list. We have a very robust metadata and catalog librarian community on Twitter!

  30. That @safelibraries dude is kind of aggressive, TBH. He thinks there’s a vast librarian conspiracy to corrupt children with “pornographic filth,” he’s not a librarian, and he’s been harassing female librarians who ask him not to co-opt their hashtag and ignoring their request entirely. I really think he doesn’t belong on a “librarians to follow” list even if we’re being flexible about people who aren’t necessarily MLSes.

    • @Ruth, I’m a volunteer librarian, and I advise communities how the American Library Association misleads them about the law in public libraries and public schools thereby directly harming people, including sexually harassed librarians I’ve been reporting on for at least four years. Opposing “pornographic filth” is not one of my goals. And I have harassed no librarian now or ever–you’ll need to provide evidence instead of just falsely saying so–likely part of the reason why I was removed from this top 200 list. You won’t find any evidence. And reporting on things like homophobia by ALA is not harassment, it’s reporting.

      But I’ve been removed from this list, so you win! Censorship wins!

  31. Thank you for including me on this very comprehensive list. But I have to say that the inclusion of Joe Murphy concerns me. After he was accused of sexual harassment, he’s suing two librarians for a massive amount of money – $1.25 million, in fact. It’s shocking and tragic but, in my opinion, shameful. Library Journal wrote an article about the case and I suggest people make themselves familiar, and consider donating to Team Harpy: http://lj.libraryjournal.com/2014/10/litigation/librarians-embroiled-in-lawsuit-alleging-sexual-harassment/#_

  32. Thank you for including me on this list, Matt. I, and others, are troubled by the inclusion of librarian number four on this list, who is currently suing two other librarians in an attempt to silence them. Please consider removing @LibraryFuture.



  33. Thank you for including me on your list!

  34. Colonel Sibthorp

    For this list to have validity, it would be helpful to know the inclusion criteria and how you define a librarian. I can see people on this list who, worthy though they may be, are not professionally qualified librarians or information scientists.

  35. Thank you for these recomendations. A twitter list with these 200 accounts would be very usefull. 😉