UNC SILS Library


In 2008, I completely redesigned the SILS Library landing page and every page below it. The landing page is meant to be a brochure with visually comforting material. It has complex Java syntax, including a slideshow. Photography credits go to my colleague, Katharina Stevens.




The previous page was a textual description of the library. At one point, that page used to have five paragraphs of text.


I am especially proud of the New Books site. A colleague, Erin R. White, helped me create it. It uses Blogger to publish information on new titles in the SILS Library. People can subscribe to an RSS feed or a weekly email. Over 100 patrons subscribed to the RSS feed, with around 70 subscribing to the email alert. Patrons put new books on hold at a much higher rate than they did before, making new book circulation much higher.




I created a UNC SILS Library subject guides site with PDF brochures. I created most of the guides on the site. The printability of the guides makes them excellent for library use.